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Радар-детектор с лазерным приемником Airline ARD-L-01

Airline ARD-L-01 фото
— производитель: Airline (Эирлайн)
— модель: ARD-L-01
— радар-детектор с лазерным приемником
— диапазоны: K, Ka, X, Ultra-K, Ultra-X
— режимы: "Город", "Трасса"
— поддержка POP
— в наличии
— артикул RAD1-182Мы рекомендуем этот радар-детектор с лазерным приемником нашим посетителям

Описание и характеристики Airline ARD-L-01

Сегодня у нас на обзоре радар-детектор с лазерным приемником Airline ARD-L-01. Активно эксплуатирую его уже почти 2 месяца, хочу поделиться с вами моими положительными впечатлениями, которые накопились за это время. Процесс распаковки к сожалению я не снимал, можно сказать, в тот момент я уже мысленно летал на нем во дворе, осуществив заветную детскую мечту, и о сьемке напрочь забыл. Управление этого чуда техники осуществляется с удобного и (главное) понятного пульта управления по K, Ka, X, Ultra-K, Ultra-Xу, для людей далеких от техники в комплекте есть подробная инструкция, с которой несложно разобраться после 2-3 попыток взлететь. По времени и дальности полета на одном заряде АКБ мнения расходятся, в любом случае они зависят от многих внешних факторов и очень часто не совпадаю с заявлеными в характеристиках. В двух словах: давно мечтал о радар-детектор с лазерным приемникоме и мечта сбылась. Детальный обзор и видео о полете Airline ARD-L-01 смотрите ниже.

Технические характеристики радар-детектора AIRLINE ARD-V-02
Напряжение питания: 12 В;
Радиус обнаружения лазера: 360°;
Канал приемов сигнала лазера: 800-1000 нм;
Определяемые диапазоны: X, K, Ku, Ka, VG-2;
Длина: 120 мм;
Ширина: 67 мм;
Высота: 27 мм;
Вес нетто: 155 г.
В комплекте:
шнур питания;
кронштейн с креплениями;
коврик на липучке;
запасной предохранитель.The ultimate archery trick. Proving that Hollywood archery is not historical.
Article about me in OutdoorHub

Press release:

Podcast about how I started archery:

I use a LOT of time practicing, and every time I set out to learn a new skill, a new trick or how to handle a new type of bow or arrow, it takes a long time, with plenty of misses. When I got the idea of grabbing an arrow in flight and firing before I landed, it took me months to learn. For a long time, arrows flew everywhere!
But there's no trick in the video that I haven't done many times (except for splitting the arrow in flight – after I'd done that once I finished the video). The one with hitting the blade I've only done three times, though. All that running hurt my knees. ;-)
Hollywood of course did not invent the back quiver, but they spread the myth it was proper archery!
Many asked why I do not use a back quiver and that is why I am showing my own experience, how bad it is in motion.
There are many different historical variatoner of back quiver and they have of course been used, but presumably belt quiver was more common and some archers did not use quiver.
Past archers obvious used fixed targets, but not the modern round divided two dimensional.
Many people talk about how what I do is only possible because I use bows that are less powerful than English longbows. They are correct. I'm 50 years old, and have been doing archery for only ten years. I'll never be able to shoot really fast with 100 lbs+ war bows. I tried, but it just produced injuries. Had I started at age 10, it would have been a different story. ;-)
There is also a tendency from critics to assume that bows were always fired against plate armour (as at Crecy in 1346 and Agincourt in 1415). This was very much the exception. Many opponents had little or no armour at all, and Stone Age findings show that many animals were taken down by multiple shots. Also, in 1923 Saxton T Pope examined a number of historical museum bows from around the world. His conclusion was that most only had a tensile strength of 45-50 pounds.
Around 04:22 I penetrate chainmail. The arrows had bodkin tips, and the chainmail is riveted. However, while the gambeson is thick, it's not as thick as some I've seen elsewhere. But one reason the arrows penetrate is that I sharpen not only the tip itself, but also the edges of the bodkin tip.
There are archery traditions alive today which shoot the arrow on the right side of the bow, as I do. However, the places where most people come into contact with archery (Hollywood, The Olympics, archery clubs) do it left around the bow.
It is obvious much more complicated, We can not know what the first archers did, some of the earliest pictures show arrows in the bow hand, but the arrow is much older than the bow so the quiver may be used and it is impossible entirely exclude that the first archer held his shafts in the draw hand.
In some parts of history is progress gone in the 3 levels, but other times the opposite has happened. Some archers are gone from arrows in the draw hand to the avancerde rapid fire quiver that was developed just before war archery disappeared.

At first, I didn't think it was possible. You don't have time to aim or think, but can only do it if your reactions are completely instinctive. First of all, you need to be convinced that you WILL hit it, so you can “feel” the incoming arrow and fire at it instead of just flinching away.
I was also in doubt whether it was smart to show this, because I don't want anyone to get hurt trying to copy the trick. I trained for years with soft boffer arrows and spent a LONG time before I tried it even the first time. And the arrow fired at me was not fired with a very powerful bow, though it was definitely dangerous enough!
It was a light bamboo arrow with a metal tip, and the arrow I shot back was a heavier aluminum arrow. That the arrow split was just pure luck, and I'm not certain I could repeat it without first training for a long time. I believe it split because it hit just behind the head and made the shafts fluctuate against each other, causing the bamboo shaft to split lengthwise.
I hope to try it again using a proper high-speed camera!
Thank you for watching my videos and for reading.
I will remove rude and dumb comments.
I will also remove dumb “archery experts” comments.

- Lars Andersen, January 2015#######################################################
Première vidéo concernant l'emploi de l'armement Air-Air.
Il s'agit du gros morceau concernant le combat aérien. Si vous suivez les explications, que vous pratiquez afin de bien comprendre les principes et de vous forger vos habitudes, vous aurez bien moins de difficultés à repérer vos cibles pour pouvoir les engager avec votre armement.
!!! Cette vidéo représente une version 1.0 du sujet !!!
Quelques passages ne sont pas suffisamment précis et seront refait plus tard. On remarquera aussi un peu de fatigue vers la fin de la vidéo désolé.
Demain, ou au plus tard après-demain devrait suivre une vidéo sur l'emploi des Fox-1 AIM-7 Sidewinder.
Raccourci important pour ce cours :
Bouger le curseur radar : Flèches du clavier
TMS UP : 0 du pavé numérique
TMS DOWN : "." du pavé numérique
TMS DROIT : Ctrl + Flèche droite
Voici le un schéma d'une configuration de base de BMS (config Keystrokes) :
(si jamais ces raccourcis ne correspondent pas aux raccourcis de base de Falcon BMS, merci de me l'indiquer)
Falcon BMS 4.32.7
Théatre utilisé : RedFlag RP6 4.0 R1Unissued / unused material.

Experimental Radar Station, London Airport. Sound stars at 01:04:32.

LS radar station buildings at London airport, pan to scanner in motion. Various CUs Scanners in motion. L/S direction-finding aerials. Exterior view radar station. LS plane landing, pan over to scanner. MS aeroplane taxiing past scanner. CU Cathode tube signal operating, showing bad weather blips. Various shots operators working on receiver. Operator testing receivers. CU Receiver, hand pushes in plug. CU operator. CU testing machine. MS lower beam dial revolving. MV receiver showing cathode ray tube operating. CU operator, pan down to cathode tube. CU directional blips revolving on tube. Various shots male and female radar operators sitting at receivers, they wear headphones. CU man writing on chart pan up to cathode tube. More shots operators sitting at receivers. Directional blips rotating on tube. CU girl talking into microphone. MS Operators working receivers, pan to checker. M/S checker, assistant sliding card down board. C/U aircraft checker. CU checker's assistant talking into microphone and writing on card, she slides card down to checker.

Date on old record is 11/01/1950.

Note: soundtrack seems unrelated to images - sounds like air traffic controllers speaking.
90,000 historic films, all SEARCHABLE on YouTube at: Join us on Facebook at: Tweet us @britishpathe FILM ID:2292.03The new Album 'Sheezus' Out Now:
Lily Allen - Air Balloon (Official Video)
The video is available to watch in Germany at
Director -- That Go
Producer -- Sonya Sier
Subscribe to Lily's channel to be the first to hear about new videos:
Watch more videos from Lily Allen here:

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