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Радар-детектор Escort SC55

Escort SC55 фото
— производитель: Escort (Эскорт)
— модель: SC55
— радар-детектор
— обнаружение радаров типа "Стрелка"
— GPS, база стац. радаров
— электронный компас
— в наличии
— артикул RAD1-2067

Описание и характеристики Escort SC55

Сегодня на тесте радар-детектор Escort SC55. Активно эксплуатирую его уже почти 3 месяца, хочу поделиться с вами моими положительными впечатлениями, которые накопились за это время. Процесс распаковки к сожалению я не снимал, можно сказать, в тот момент я уже мысленно летал на нем во дворе, осуществив заветную детскую мечту, и о сьемке напрочь забыл. Управление этого чуда техники осуществляется с удобного и (главное) понятного пульта управления по у, для людей далеких от техники в комплекте есть подробная инструкция, с которой несложно разобраться после 2-3 попыток взлететь. По времени и дальности полета на одном заряде АКБ мнения расходятся, в любом случае они зависят от многих внешних факторов и очень часто не совпадаю с заявлеными в характеристиках. В двух словах: давно мечтал о радар-детектор е и мечта сбылась. Детальный обзор и видео о полете Escort SC55 смотрите ниже.

Трекер Escort SC55 информирует о приближении к стационарной камере. ( радар молчит,-камера выключена и голосовое сопровождение отключено). || TopRadar.ru
Escort Passport Radar Detector Review by Radar Roy
Are you looking for the good entry model radar detector that will detect these newer digital radar guns, so you can avoid getting an expensive speeding ticket?
Police departments around the world have been updating their old analog radar guns to these digital radar guns, which are much harder to detect.
This is because these digital guns use a lot less power and measure a cars speed based upon a 12 inch travel distance instead of a 10 or 15 car length distance of those older analog radar guns.
And this technology enables the officer to target your car as much greater distances, in some situations as far as two miles away.
Because of this the engineers over at Escort have borrowed technology developed by NASA to communicate with their equipment in deep space called digital signal processing and integrated it with their newer radar detectors.
The result is that Escort’s newest radar detector, the Passport, is able to sniff out real police radar based on the DNA profile, while also filtering out all those annoying false alerts.
This enables the Escort Passport radar detector to have over 4 times the capture distance of a police radar gun!
Now here is another big benefit of Escort’s patent DSP technology.
Many of the newer cars today come equipped with Adaptive Cruise Control, which uses the same K-band spectrum police radar.
Because of this many radar detectors are almost rendered useless because of the over abundance of false alerts.
Here is an example.
In January of 2014 Car and Driver Magazine reviewed the more expensive Valentine One and here is what they had to say:
“One annoyance is incessant false alarms—the Valentine’s filtering isn’t very effective. On our 22-mile loop, the V1 called out 53 threats”
Think about that for a moment, that’s over 2 false alerts per mile.
Now here is what a user from Portland Oregon had to say about the Passport in his 5-star rating.
“I've only had this detector for a little over a month, but so far I have been very pleased. This doesn't false on some of the new cars like my much older passport detector was.”
Now here is what the Texas Speed Demon from the Dallas Forth Worth had to say after rating the Passport with 5-stars.
“This M4 antenna blows the 9500ix away in my opinion - I will also say that the off axis is improved as far as the unit I’m using. “
Another feature that sets the Passport apart from all the other entry model radar detectors out there is it’s internal Bluetooth chipset that enables it to connect directly to the Escort Live Community.
This enables your detector to share real time alerts from other members of the Escort Live community and this clip shows one of them where I was alerted of a VASCAR speed trap, between Phoenix and Flagstaff in August of 2014.
And another advantage the Passport, when connected to Escort Live or detector uses the GPS capabilities for your phone.
This enables your Passport to automatically filter out known false alert locations based upon the exact location and frequency of the false alert.
And Escort Live also provides you access to the Escort defender photo enforcement database, which will provide you with alerts as you approach fixed photo radar and red light camera locations.
And updating your Passport is a snap, just download Escort Live to your computer, plug it in using a USB cable and your detector will be updated with the newest firmware and photo enforcement database.
For more information about the Escort Passport radar detector visit: - Интернет-магазин автомобильной электроники: видеорегистраторы, экшн-камеры, радар-детекторы, gps навигаторы. Обзор Escort Passport SC55 - Radar Roy interviews Ron Gividen of Escort Radar about their new Escort Passport SC55 GPS based safety camera detector at the 2009 SEMA automotive show in Las Vegas Nevada.Al & Ed's Autosound in Southern California is the largest ESCORT RADAR authorized dealer on the west coast. We offer complete support, service and installation for these products.
The PASSPORT 9500ci is the ultimate custom-installed radar and laser defense system. With blistering all-band radar protection and precise laser "shifting" technology, speeding tickets can be a thing of the past. ESCORT continues to lead the industry by incorporating its patented GPS technology that automatically identifies the source and location of all radar signals. Real threats are processed in less than a second, while false signals are learned and eliminated. Now all you have to do is drive!
The PASSPORT 9500ci is completely undetectable to all radar detector detectors, keeping you unseen and unnoticed. Crystal-Clear Voice Alerts, Speed Alert™, Safety Warning System and its stealth installation make the PASSPORT 9500ci the ultimate in discreet protection
The PASSPORT 9500ci also comes pre-loaded with thousands of safety camera locations, including red light and speed-based cameras throughout North America. You can also download updates, back up your data, and stay on top of new threats directly from our website.
The Passport 9500ci includes our proprietary Traffic Sensor Rejection (TSR) software to eliminate false alerts.
The PASSPORT 9500ci comes complete with owner's manual and installation guide, installation DVD , COOL TRICK INSTALL KIT (Includes: Crimper, VHB Tape, Fuse Stake, Disconnect Terminal, Zip Ties, Velcro Hook & Loop Fasteners, Modular 4 Pin RJ11 Connectors and 3M Quick Connect Terminal), separate miniature controller and text display, front-mounted radar receiver, twin front-mounted laser receivers/shifters, rear license plate mounted laser receiver/shifter, 12-volt interface module, GPS antenna, 12-volt amplified speaker, display bezel, bi-color LED, and all mounting hardware. Also includes a 3 Year Database Subscription. There is nothing else like it.
Ultimate in custom-installed discreet protection
Precise Laser Shifting Technology* - 360 degree protection
Blistering All-Band Radar Protection
Completely undetectable to all Detector Detector Scanners
New Variable-Speed Radar Performance
New AutoLearn Feature
New Safety Camera Database - (pre-loaded with thousands of safety camera locations, including red light and fixed position speed cameras, located throughout North America)
New GPS-Powered Truelock™ Filter
New Mark Location Features
New Adaptive Signal Processing
New Speed Alert™
New Crystal-Clear Voice Alerts
Free 3 Year Database Subscription
Database Compatible (Safety Cameras)
User-Selectable Preferences
High-Resolution Brilliant Blue Display
5 Levels of Brightness Control
Mute, AutoMute & SmartMute
Safety Warning System - 60 specific safety messages
Location Database Updates and Detector Software Updates for the Passport SC55, Passport 9500ix, Passport 9500i, and Passport 9500ci require a Windows based computer with active Internet connection. (Operating on Windows XP Vista, or Windows 7 only.)
The Passport SC55, Passport 9500i and Passport 9500ix require an USB A to Mini USB cable (USB printer cable required for Passport 9500ci) not included with detector - before you can install location database updates and detector software updates.
Call us for a quote 310.827.8121
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